Corporate Social Responsibility


2017 was the year the hydro installation started to operate. The Hydro installation uses the rain water to drive a turbine which in its turn generates electric power.

After 2 years of research, receiving permission and construction we are now up and running. Depending on rainfall and water levels we can generate up to a maximum of 100 KWh. Our estimated annual Station Output is 400,000 kWh and we are delighted to have exceeded that in our first year despite a dry spring. Besides that, this state of art installation can be monitored online.

The Letterewe staff has received training how to operate the system and perform basic maintenance. When you are staying at Letterewe and if you are interested, don’t hesitate to ask for a visit to the hydro installation.

Now that the hydro is running, future plans are to change some appliances at Letterewe which are still using conventional fuel to being electric powered hence becoming more sustainable.