Most places you visit, you are the one who does the traveling. But there are those few places, so special and so unique, that they actually transport you ..... to another time. Another world. A completely different state of mind. Letterewe is one of these most rare destinations. A place where the rugged and the untamed are paired with refined comforts.
And while it might feel like a new experience, there is something strangely familiar about it. It feels ancestral. To go up the hill. To stalk. And to come back down to enjoy a fine single malt or two, a hearty game meal, warm by the fire ... mabye another whiskey perhaps. It's experience I think deep down we all crave, yet few have had the good fortune to have realized it.

Kyle Arango, October 2017

Thank you for a magical week at Letterewe. Plenty of “Hill” hikes, a very special walk to Carnmore. Loving the new Rose Marie. Fantastic family fun. Memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you to team Letterewe for making our stay so welcoming and comfortable….. we quite simply love this place. A unique wilderness and a feeling that Letterewe is in great hands. Thank you for letting the Hill family share in this magic place.

August 2017


Fantastic days in this marvellous house with its outstanding surroundings. Two great walks, one to Loch Garbhaig and one to Fionn Loch. Unforgettable memory.

30 July - 6 August 2017


Many many thanks for looking after us so wonderfully at Letterewe during our wedding week. From our wedding ceremony on Gruinard Beach, to the hill walks, boat trips & kayaking on the loch, it has all been magical. We could not have dreamed for a more perfect place to celebrate.

We already want to come back!

- Cas, Mike And all the family

April 2017

There’s nothing quite like an escape to the Scottish Highlands. It’s eerie quiet, sobering mists and savage beauty routinely manifest themselves in daydreams across London’s Square mile.

And if there were to be a particular spot in Scotland, a particular Loch, it would have to be Letterewe Estate. This great sporting estate, stretches over 17,500 hectares of breath-taking mountains and lochs, four deer forests, and remains uninterrupted by roads or any trappings of modern life. Home to pine martens, golden eagles, wild goats and some 2,000 red deer, Letterewe is known as the ‘last great wilderness of Scotland’.

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- Country and Town House, April 2017

Your Scottish Country Sports Adventure - The Scottish Highlands are home to the red deer living in their natural habitat among the wild, rugged hills and mountains. Red deer are the largest wild deer in the UK and one of our native species.

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- Eagle Review, March 2017


Housekeeping very good. Nice stalker (as well as his older colleague).

- Christoph, September 2016

Fantastic Estate, what an experience. The boat-ride, the staff and the stalking all made for a truly magical experience.

- JP, Amsterdam, NL


We had a wonderful visit to Letterewe with my family. "a real breath of fresh air!".

- Nick, Brooklyn, NY USA

Do you go to the same estate each year?

“I do. The estate is Letterewe, which is on the further side of Loch Maree. You can still only get to the house by boat. It has an old 1940s Clyde Police launch that chugs backwards and forwards and that is how you get across.

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- A.A. Gill